Personal Chef/Private Events

Thank you for inquiring.
As a professional chef , I also provide the service of cooking fresh meals (weekly) in clients’ homes.
Here is how it works:
  • After I find out a little about your eating style and goals, we will decide together on details such as which day of the week works best for your family and the number of meals you would like prepared.
  • On the agreed upon day I will shop for the highest quality ingredients and bring them to your kitchen for meal preparation. Each finished dish will be labeled and packed in your fridge with clear and simple reheating instructions. The food is ready for you to eat on your schedule…cooked in your home, to your personal tastes.
  • I provide a vast selection of seasonal dishes with lots of international flare for weekly menu planning and I am happy to re-create any of your favorite recipes. Most families choose 3-4 meals per week (but it’s flexible), it generally takes me one afternoon session from shopping to clean-up.
  • My culinary training is in food and how it relates to health. Each meal is balanced and wholesome, sure to satisfy the appetites of everyone who partakes in the meal.
  • The price (per meal) will vary depending on how many people I will be cooking for on a regular basis and how many meals per week.
  • Each meal consists of a main course and appropriate side dish (vegetable, grain, starch, etc.). Included is one large green salad with homemade dressing per week, enough for several nights. There are plenty of add-ons (breakfast, lunch to-go, baked goods, baby food) or special events (dinner/cocktail parties, cooking lessons) that I am also happy to provide.
Please contact me with any further questions: omcooking@gmail.com
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