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Dear Dosa Hutt,

August 31, 2009


4563 Bowne St • Flushing, Queens

You don’t see me much, I know. For me, it is sort of a rare treat to be in the thick of Queens. Most likely I would go there to visit a loved one back in the old stomping grounds and, in that case, they are probably feeding me something as opposed to me feeding my own yen. This is both blessing and curse because there are just so many amazing treats to sampled in the town of Flushing. For as much as I want to break bread with the family, I will often eat twice, once at the table and once in transit on the way to the train or bus stop. Clearly I don’t get there enough.

When I do wander through those alphabetically named streets of mid-Flushing, I begin to feel the pang. The sensation that draws me to your storefront and makes me get in line. It is your signature dosa, the giant crackling, crispy cylinder of dal deliciousness I cannot pass up from a ten-mile radius. I have been up and down your menu and I still don’t know what the difference is between the various dosas but who cares! They are always exceptional (as are the uttapams and the idlis) and leave dosas sought elsewhere trampled in the dust. Some sources claim you offer the best dosas in the city and I dare someone to deny it. To eat at another South Indian restaurant leads me only to long for your goodness, simplicity and pride in your outstanding food. Do not be intimidated by your imposter, the Dosa Hut on Lexington and 28th, they’ve got nothing on you…two T’s means it’s good. And don’t you forget it.