December 19, 2012

I recently contributed to The Kale Project, a website from Paris that supports one girl’s mission to bring kale to la France. And you thought they had it all! Me too!


Apparently kale is completely out of style over there and needs a little bit of coaxing in the marketplace. Kristen is so very dedicated she is finding farmers who will raise up the kale seeds and then recruits merchants willing to sell it. Santé!

Here is an interview on her site in which I pledge my undying love for kale.

And the accompanying recipe.

It reminds me (but not really) of the story of Antoine-Augustin Parmentier (1737-1813). In his time potatoes were considered animal feed or low down dirty peasant food in France. But Parmentier was like, ‘no way! They’re healthy and cheap… you guys are loco!’ But it was really hard to break the stereotype and get people on the potato boat. So, it is said that he planted them in gardens that were heavily guarded to make them seem mysterious and desirable. The guards were instructed to turn a blind eye on anyone trying to pilfer the potatoes and to freely except bribes to get into the garden and steal. Soon the potato craze was on and Mr. P got a dish named after himself. Good old rib hugging French shepherd’s pie: hachis parmentier.

Let’s put some electric fences around those kale patches! Here is a flic of a dish mentioned in the interview, creamed kale. I think it would be a hit in France.


This would probably go great with roasted potatoes too. Thx everyone…Kristen, Antoine, the peoples of France, etc.

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