Breakfast twice. (PINEAPPLE + STUFF)

November 17, 2009

Since returning from Europe, I have been waking up really early. It’s cool for me, different from my norm which always included working lots of nights and slumbering through lots of mornings. Now I am all about eating breakfast to get myself geared up for the day. Waking at 8am and eating something before 9 leaves me hungry again by 10:30 or 11am…so, I eat breakfast until it seems time for something more like lunch.

In my recent brekkie explorations, I took this picture for fun. When a few friends saw it in the camera they were full of questions. ‘It’s just breakfast’, I thought,  some of that sinful Fage Greek yogurt with pineapples, shredded (unsweetened) coconut, a drizzle of agave syrup and some chopped up lemon balm which is still growing in the yard. That damn yogurt is versatile, great with anything from fruit and nuts to cucumber and bulgur. I try to by a small container to control my consumption but I eat it so quickly that I just face facts and get a big one. And, by the way, I always buy full fat because the path of life wider than it is long. What?

I do believe eating yogurt regularly is great for your health, digestion, complexion, etc. but this day it was the gorgeous pineapple that stole the show, with the lemon balm making it super bright and fresh. The pineapple-herb combo was so interesting that I later made pineapple-parsley-lemon juice with what was left. It was excellent! I juiced some parsley leaves and lots of stems, about 1/3 cup total. Apparently parsley is one of those fantastical superfoods. It is full of vitamins A and C , plenty of minerals and provides a good supply of chlorophyll. Since it is quite concentrated, just an ounce of parsley juice is perfect mixed in with other juices. Its taste is faint but very fresh, maybe a good alternative for those who can’t take wheatgrass. Into the bright green juice, I juiced one peeled lemon and the rest of the fresh pineapple. Pineapple has all the vitamin C the Flintstones could ever offer, as well as minerals like chlorine and potassium with some extra beneficial enzymes. All that in a sweet, delicious, thirst-quenching beverage. The yield was just about a pint and it started my day off just about perfect.

Next time you go ‘juicing’ ask for a handful of parsley thrown in there. I have a juicer at home, the brand is Elite by Maxi Matic. A gift from some darling friends, it is several years old and still kicks! Look… My cute folding bike’s in the background. I call it Quickie.

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