Still talking: Grill a Chef, PART 2

February 11, 2009


Well, Chef Josh and I have officially named our project ‘Grill-A-Chef’ and we are officially stationed (indoors, whew!) at the Chelsea Market twice per week. The idea is the same as before, maybe a bit more refined. We give free cooking advice. The great response we’ve been getting has kept the project going strong since the entry which described our trial day at the Union Square Greenmarket just before Thanksgiving. It was out there, freezing our sprouts off, that we were spotted by the Chelsea Market people and invited to dispense advice within the brownie-induced warmth of the CM Concourse. It was great to be on site through the holidays helping people get their roasts right, advising on culinary gifts and brainstorming what to cook for the guest that eats no…(fill in the blank here, we know you all know someone with a restriction condition).

Still now, we have regulars who pre-think their questions and deliver them to our table each week, and lots of people who pass by to tell us the outcome of our advice whether it be recipe results or success with a new tool or technique. Positive feedback, yay! Of course each day also brings plenty of newcomers who seem delighted by the idea of real-live chefs to answer their culinary inquiries. There is no question too basic and, as for those that may be too complicated, we have internet access at close hand. We wouldn’t want to get caught with our toques down, after all.

Some of the basic recipes we have been handing out are available on our little moonlighting side-blog: grillachef.com

Surf on by and leave us a question or comment, we love that stuff. We post RAQ’s (Recently Answered Questions) and some how-to’s because we want to help you all to become better, more masterful cooks. And that is what we aim to do.

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